'Signature Song' of Himachal Education Department

This song expresses the culture and feelings of the people of the state. The composition of this song has also been deeply contemplated and brainstormed…

Several states in India have officially declared their state songs, including eleven states and one union territory. These state songs are sung on national, regional or special occasions. Himachal Pradesh is also moving in this direction. In the year 2021, Himachal Pradesh celebrated the golden jubilee year of its establishment gold. Similarly, the country is celebrating its 75th year of independence in the form of Amrit Mahotsav. This year the education department of the state has done a commendable job by creating the state signature song. This is a historic and proud event for the state. This signature song has been written and sung in Hindi language by a team of five music professors of Himachal after deep thinking, deliberation, discussion and contemplation and composed music in their own voice. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur had started the process of producing this signature song in the Golden Year of Himachal Pradesh and the 75th Amrit Mahotsav year of Independence when on 24 March 2021, the Chief Minister interacted with the eminent artists of the state through video conferencing. By sharing this idea, he expressed his desire.

This signature song was also required for the government's proposed Swarna Jayanti Rath Yatra this year. Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur constituted a committee under the leadership of Additional Chief Secretary RD Dhiman in this regard and handed over this work to the State Education Department, Language, Art and Culture Department and Information and Public Relations Department. The Himachal Pradesh State Education Department constituted a five-member committee of music professors at the departmental level for this work. For this, Director of Education Dr. Amarjeet K. Sharma on 15 September 2021 Dr. Gopal Krishna Bhardwaj Government College of Fine Arts Shimla, Prof. Suresh Sharma, Swami Vivekanand Government College, Ghumarwin, Dr. Satish Thakur Government College, Dharamsala, Dr. Lalchand Government Fine Arts College Shimla and Dr. Hemraj Government College, Kotshera, Shimla were ordered to prepare this song. After many days of tireless efforts, contemplation, contemplation, brainstorming, discussion and discussions, the members of this music committee collectively wrote, composed and recorded this song in their own voice. Apart from this, Petition, Parul Sharma, Reena Sharma, Rachna Sharma and Neha Dixit embellished this musical work by giving women's vocals as supporting vocals. The state's famous harmonium player Dr. Lalchand, flute player Labh Singh, guitar player Raja, tabla player Amit Kumar and synthesizer Ashish adorned this musical structure. This state song was recorded at Mukund studio in Shimla and Dhananjay Sharma with his musical and technical experience did the sound recording with great skill. Beautiful and attractive visuals were also put in this song by Amarjeet Sharma of State Public Relations Department. There are two parts to this song. One part is of only one minute and twenty five seconds, which will be sung on special occasions and special dignitaries, government, non-government and important occasions and functions of the state.

 It has been called the signature song. The second part is the entire part of the song, which is of seven minutes and four seconds, with four antars in addition to the permanent. The song is based on the tag line 'Pyaar Himachal-Nyara Himachal' and 'Badta Jaye-Shikhar ki Ore' which can be played at national, state level and other government and non-government events, sports festivals, schools, colleges, universities, gram panchayats, district Can be sung at the functions of councils and all government departments. This song has been prepared after many discussions by various officials, musicians and thinkers in various meetings at different levels. This song expresses the culture and feelings of the people of the state. The words and literary composition of this song have also been deeply contemplated and brainstormed. Its melody is simple and all-encompassing so that it can become a popular anthem of the people. There are four antars in this song. The first Antara expresses the sacrifice and dedication of the freedom fighters, the second the gradual development of the Antara region, the third Antara Prakriti Darshan, the Dev culture and the fourth Antara the snow banks, the saga of the brave martyrs. From the literary and musical point of view, where the fragrance of modernity comes from this song, on the other hand, the spirit of the state's culture and valor appears to be emanating from the tone and music. This signature song was launched by the Chief Minister of the State, Jai Ram Thakur, on June 8, 2022 at the laptop distribution function organized by the Education Department of Himachal Pradesh to the meritorious students.

Education Minister Govind Singh Thakur, all cabinet ministers, all MLAs and higher education officers were present in this function. This signature song was seen and heard by the teachers, parents and students through virtual medium in the laptop distribution functions organized under the chairmanship of the ministers of all the districts and assembly constituencies. After the formation of Himachal Pradesh, this is an important event in the history of this state, the credit of which definitely goes to the top leadership of the state, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur. Apart from this, Additional Chief Secretary of the state RD Dhiman, Director Information and Public Relations Department Harbans Singh, Director Language, Art Culture Department and Director Elementary Education Pankaj Lalit, Director Higher Education Department Dr. Amarjeet K. Sharma, Co-Director Dr. Asith Mishra, Under Secretary Language, Art Culture Department Manjeet Bansal, Amarjeet Sharma of Public Relations Department and the professors of the production committee of this song have made remarkable contributions. It is a historic event to become a signature song produced by the Education Department, expressing the feelings of Himachal's development, nature, culture, freedom struggle and heroic stories with the efforts of the state government. This song has been dedicated to all the innocent people of this state who have been the reason for the development and prosperity of the state. The people of the state should adopt this song, sing and hum and feel proud by adopting it.

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