15 August Independence Day Speech


15 August Independence Day, which we all celebrate as Independence Day, Independence Day is a major festival in the national festivals of India, to get freedom from the slavery of the British, lakhs of heroes of our country laughed and sacrificed their lives. Dali and then after going somewhere our India got independence on 15th August 1947.

Freedom of any country has special meaning, the countries that are free, they show a new path of development for their citizens, fed up with the tyranny of the British, all the citizens of our country fought relentlessly to get rid of the slavery of the British and Laughing and laughing, they sacrificed for the country, then finally on 15 August 1947, the British declared the country of India as independent, then on this day we all celebrate as Independence Day with great pomp.

So let us all know the 15 August Independence Day, Independence Day Speech, Speech in Hindi, in the celebration of the holy festival of this Independence Day, 15 August, which will strengthen the feeling of patriotism in the minds of all of us by reading it..

Hello, all of you respected teachers, parents and my dear friends. Wishing you all a very Happy Independence.

India's independence has been 74 years today and on this auspicious occasion of today, I thank all of you wholeheartedly that you have given me a golden opportunity to express some lines in front of all of you.

As all of us 15th August, today is very important for our existence. What do you know the cost of freedom, citizens of the country, if you want to know the price, then once you read the history book of India and still nothing happens, then just visit the Red Fort.

Friends, do not forget how many struggles and sacrifices were made behind the independence of India. Don't forget how many women were widowed and how many homes were destroyed. Just think about the child whose milk teeth were not even broken that his father passed away only for the freedom of all of us. Today, youth will be found in everyone's house, but those who sacrifice their lives for the country will not get those who once gave their lives for our country. Even today, I bow to all those martyrs and have respect in my heart, tears in my eyes, but I swear that one day I will definitely come in handy for this country.

Friends, apart from the borders of the country, patriotism can also be played by staying in homes. Friends, really do not forget that the green culture and country land that is seen in this country today has been found only because of our revolutionary people. We all are mean, we forget our duties somewhere but remember if every citizen of India turns out like this then what will happen to our country.

But to tell the truth, I am really proud that I am an Indian citizen and I have been born in India. I thank the mother who gave birth to me and the mother who gave me food. I keep in my heart the desire to do something for the country, to be honest, my country is my strength and my pride is also my country.

Independence Day of India is a national festival of this great country, which is celebrated by all Indians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Assam as a festival of happiness. India had to struggle a long time with the British for the attainment of its independence. Therefore, we have got this freedom due to the sacrifice of brave soldiers, revolutionary freedom fighters.

If we get time, if we go through the pages of the history of India before 1947, then we will definitely get to read the stories of those British atrocities. Those who exploited our ancestors for 200 years were tortured in various ways. Blessed are our parts that we got birth on this free India land.

Seeing that scene, one would be scared even when someone is hanged. Those were painful moments in the history of India, when the assembly of our people was gunned down.

Bhagat Singh was only 23 years old when he was hanged along with his two other companions.

The struggle for India's independence had started in 1857 itself. It was started by Mangal Pandey of Meerut Cantonment. Many big names like Rani Laxmi Bai Tatya Tope, Azad, thousands of millions of heroes left their homes and gave their lives for the freedom of Mother India, today is the day to remember such heroes.

Bapu, a priest of non-violence and truth, challenged the British by staying in India, then our Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had gathered Indians abroad and prepared an army for the freedom of the country.

That moment of 15 august 1947, when Nehru ji was hoisting the tricolor at the Red Fort, he made a two-piece speech to the people of the country, he said - "When the whole world is sleeping today but India is waiting for the new dawn of its independence. are in."

Great men like Mahatma Gandhi are not seen in centuries, today the whole of India is free because of mutual love and these great gods who fought for the freedom of the country by taking all sections of the society along.

In the present time, whether India is seen in the economic field, whether it is the field of education or technology, we are moving forward relentlessly. Along with being an automatic power, it is our patriotism to see the tricolor waving in every corner of the playground, making every Indian proud.

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